RARE 1809 Lippitt Manufacturing Company in West Warwick Rhode...

RARE 1809 Lippitt Manufacturing Company in West Warwick Rhode Island now Lippitt Mill Revolutionary WAR veteran Christopher Lippitt

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Lippitt Manufacturing Company
West Warwick
Rhode Island
United States
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The is a rare, original founding document from 1809. The document creates the Lippitt Manufacturing Company in what is now West Warwick, Rhode Island. It is contemporary/period true copy with secretarial signatures comprised of one large sheet of paper, and 3 pages of writing from 1809. Articles of Agreement Copy with the Copartners of Lippitt Manufacturing Company- Nov. 29, 1809. Christopher Lippit was a prominent veteran of the Revolutionary War. Couple tears you can see in the scans. Great document.

Articles of Agreement made and executed this twenty ninth day of November in the Year One thousand eight hundred nine.
Witnesses.......First that the subscribers to wit, Christopher Lippitte, Charles Lippit, Benjamin Aborne, George Jackson, Amasa Chason and William H. Chason agree to enter into the manufacture of cotton and tocreate a mill or mills for that purpose with other necessary building machinery and apparatus and to supply the same with sufficient materials, stock and labour.- Also provided these grants stock of the company agree thereto to build such other mill or mills for other purposes and such other buildings as may be found necessary and useful and to furnish the same with stock and labour as a majority of the stock may direct and ...from time to time
Second that the connection or ...shall be called and known by the name of “The Lippitte Manufacturing Company” and shall continue for the time of ten years from the first day of January next---

Third that the capital stock of th ecompany shall not be less than forty thousand dollars to consist of thirty two shares whereof Christopher Lippitt holds eight, Charles Lippitt Eight, Benjamin Aborn Four, George jackson four, Amasa Mason Four and William H. Chason Four,every share to have one vote and shall be aid by installments in such time as a majority of the stock shall direct and order from time to time-

Fourth That until the stock o whole amount advanced or accumulated by profits shall amount to said sum of forty thousand dollars, there shall be no dividend or payments of profit made unless by the unanimous consent of all the parners-

Fifth that the several partners or subscribers hereto shall severally advance and pay to the agents or agent appointed from time to time by the company, such sum or sums as from time to time shall be directed and ordered to be paid and advanced as aforesaid--

Sixth That if any one or more of the company shall neglect or refuse to pay and advance his or their proportion or part of any sum or sums directed and ordered by a vote of the majority of the stock to be paid within thirty days after the time or times where by such order or directions the same ought to be paid and advanced, the other partners of the company may advance the deficiency occasioned by such neglect or refused and ...to be allowed legal interest on the sum or sums advanced until the same shall be reimbursed together with six per cents per annum for damages--

Seventhly, that the sand and water privilege purchased by the subscribers of Nehemiah Attwood and situated in Warwick in the County of Kent and such other estate or estates as may be purchased by the company hereafter together with all the improvements, machinery and apparatus appertaining to the manufacturies aforesaid which are or shall be at any time hereafter erected thereon, shall be holden by the parties hereto their heirs and assigns as tenants in common for the purposes enumerated in the first article and shall not at any during the ten years aforementioned nor at any time thereafter be divided or severed between the parties aforesaid their heirs or assigns but shall be and remain until otherwise agreed by the unanimous consent of all the partners holden as aforesaid in common for the uses and purposes aforesaid--

Eighth That if any of the parties hereto shall hereafter wish to sell his or their shares or stock in said company or any part thereof he or they shall give the refusal thereof to the company.

Ninth That all the books of said company which shall be kept by their agents or others on account of said company shall at all times be accessible by and open to the inspection of said company or any co-partner thereof--
3 And the parties aforesaid for themselves their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns as covenanted and engaged each with the other for the faithful performance of this agreement and of every Article thereof--

The testimony whereof they have hereunto set their hands and seals this day and year first aforewritten. A copy & the original is with our agent at Providence

Christopher Lippitt, Charles Lippitt, Benjamin Aborn, George Jackson, Amasa Mason Willian H. Chason